Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Concept of Facebook's P2B and B2B "Like" Exchange

I know that you know this already…just wanted to share my point of view on FB Page biz…you can find these Exchanges in many groups on Facebook and Linkedin…

Recently FB introduced the tools to connect our bizs in two ways:
1) P2B "Like": Personal Profile to Business Page...This has been around since FB launched its first FB Page…this is the original "Fan" which evolved into "Like". The major problem was the tracking of the Personal Profile to ownership of the FB Page. Second problem is that each "Like" counts towards your Personal Profile "Friend" which max. at 5000 "Friends".
2) B2B Like: Business Page to Business Page…This was recently introduced to overcome the problems of the P2B method…this works perfectly for bizs networking when used correctly. To use this biz feature go to the menu at the top right of your FB homepage and click the dropdown menu of the "Account" tab…select "Use Facebook as Page"…a little window with your FB pages will appear... then click on "Switch" next to the FB Page you wish to use, and VOILA!'ve now assumed the identity of your biz (FB Page)…when you're done simply "switch" back to yourself following the same steps.

My preference is B2B for business…then I become "Friends" with the biz owners with whom I do biz, or plan to pursue biz relations…I find this most efficient or else the FB Pages become a complete "waste of time"…at least for me…
I usually make a check of my most recent B2B Likes (every 2 weeks or so)…check their FB pages to see if my FB page is included in their B2B Likes…if not then I simply "Unlike" the page…unless their Personal Profile show up on my wall which means that they prefer the P2B Like…

Note that FB does not notify you of a Like…it notifies you of comments or comments on your comment…on the walls…hence its very important to plug a brief note on the wall which indicates that you've "Like" the page…if the FB page is not interactive then that FB page is not in the game! And one of the biggest "no-no's" in social networking protocols is to barge into a discussion with something completely irrelevant…:(
My take on this is that if you want to play the game then learn to play it right…but not to worry…FB will change this very soon anyways!

Let's stay connected…:)

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