Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Brighter Future – Life Optimization

So the future is NOW…so we’ve been, and are being told everyday, every minute, in every article we read…in every commercial and tv show we watch… Our senses are bombarded with “new media”, “new technology”, “social media”, “ideation”, more…every second of our lives, be it private, public, work, play, family time, other time… all in the process of making a brighter future for ourselves…optimizing our lives.
How do we actually spend the time of our lives…we work, play, entertain, travel, shop, eat, drink, sleep, dream…you get the picture…and of course, we spend most of our time on connecting and information dissemination via social media networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc., the various mobile devices, laptops, tablets, etc… not to mention the time spent on “online Groups discussions and forums”, uploading and sharing our photos, and events…the list just go on and on…

Now let’s take a look at what you accomplished yesterday… did you achieve your set tasks and goals?… yes?…no?… whatever happened to all that time you had to complete your tasks?… or are you one of those people who have absolutely “nothing” to do… you see, all the new technologies are being designed to “speed up” the completion of tasks so that we have more time to do “nothing”… Me…I just cannot find the time to maintain all the systems in my life…I find myself neglecting high priority tasks in attempting to complete other high priority tasks…seems like I’ve ended up with only “high priority tasks” in my life… so how is my life being optimized?

Time, of course, is the culprit…the day is just not long enough to do all the “stuff” you want/need to do. Now let’s tale a long and hard look at the calendar…the time system designed by the Romans to schedule time we spend with ourselves, others, and achieving our goals and objectives…The calendar, being such an important tool, has never been re-designed to fit the “new technologies”…to adapt it to our new “life optimization” lifestyle… The calendar should be the focus of our “time management”…how we schedule our time to accomplish our goals.
Here’s Tungle with a look and a system of integrating the calendar with technology…this gives us new hope that, finally, new technology will be working in our favour.

What’s your take on this?…

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