Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BEWARE!…ALERT!…ALERT!……And yet another online SCAM…


This came in my email “SPAM” box…I just love these junk filters…
This time the scam uses a fear tactic…
If you get this email DO NOT OPEN the attachment.

NOTE: This graphic is not part of the email…only used to designate
ambiguity, puzzlement, questions…
I will use this symbol as my SCAM ALERT icon… --




Here’s the email:

“ FROM: Your Internal Revenue Service
1 Attachment…file name is “Calculations”

Tax notice,
There are arrears reckoned on your account over a period of 2010-2011 year.
You will find all calculations according to your financial debt, enclosed.
You have to sick the debt by the 17 December 2011.
Internal Revenue Service. “



  1. I agree some of them can be quite fun to read, I especially think that the Nigerian scam artists are the most creative folks !! :)

  2. Hi GuruDan,

    Thanks for informing the public about this scam so they won't become a victim.